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Root Shoot Spirits Whiskey bottle at sunset with the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Saving Farms One Whiskey at a Time

Root Shoot Spirits crew hanging out in the field enjoying Root Shoot Whiskey


When you drink Root Shoot Whiskey, you support family farms. Sustainably sown, grown, and malted on our 5th generation family farm in Loveland, Colorado, this American Single Malt Whiskey expresses the craft, workmanship, and spirit of Colorado agriculture in every sip. Aged in first-use medium char American oak barrels for four years and Bottled-in-Bond at 100 proof. From our soil to your snifter.


The Root Shoot American Single Malt whiskey experience starts with aromas of cobbler and honey granola. Upon first sip, clean flavors of alpine florals breeze across the palate, and the whiskey finishes with an alpenglow of rich pastry, faint cocoa dust and long, lingering bright-yet-spicy flavors.


From our grain to your glass. 100% locally sourced from our fifth generation family farm.


Distilled in a traditional pot still, fermented off grain, and Bottled-in-Bond at 100 proof.


Alpenglow of rich pastry, baking spice, faint cocoa dust and minty, spicy botanicals. Bright finish balanced with deep tones of leather and forest floor beneath.

Root Shoot Whiskey bottle


Aromas of cobbler, honeyed granola, new growth forest and black cherry. Clean flavors of alpine florals, fresh mint, cardamom and allspice.

Oak Aging Process

Aged in first-use medium char American White Oak barrels for four years.


Sustainable supply-chain journey of only about 30 miles from field to bottle.

Root Shoot Whiskey bottle


A Passion for

The Root Shoot Spirits team enjoying some Root Shoot Whiskey together at Olander Farm.


Our dedication to the grain-to-glass movement brings with it the responsibility to craft a sustainable future for agriculture in Colorado. 100 Year Lease is a documentary film produced by Root Shoot Malting and Traverse Image about the significance of the family farm, and the importance of preserving agricultural lands in Colorado. Rooted in tradition and seeded by the support of our community, we believe we are wholeheartedly: SAVING FARMS ONE WHISKEY AT A TIME™


Artfully crafted whiskey comes from caringly crafted malt. Root Shoot Whiskey is malted in a state-of-the-art facility located right on our farm. Using German-engineered equipment from Kaspar-Schulz, our skillfully trained staff produces award-winning malts from our own Olander Farms grain. After spending their lifetime on our farm, our malts finally grow up and leave home only when they’re distilled into barrels so they can age into this delicious American Single Malt Whiskey. From our grain, to your glass.


100% Colorado, 100% Root Shoot. The grain in this American Single Malt Whiskey spends its entire lifespan on our farm, from sprouting seed to finished malt. For us, “locally grown” means right outside our malthouse doors, where weekly field walks and daily observations allow us to ensure our plants are pampered, productive, and properly loved. Under the watchful eye of the Olander family, our tiny grains receive the attention and care to grow into something great.


Root Shoot Whiskey begins with seeds sown into land that has been farmed by our family for five generations. Nestled in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, Olander Farms believes that great whiskey begins with great grain and that great grain comes from healthy soil. Our farm is committed to implementing regenerative agriculture practices. From creative approaches to improving soil biology to the latest strategies for sequestering carbon, we seek to respect the land that has sustained us for nearly 100 years.

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A snifter of Root Shoot Whiskey.

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