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"Better Lovers" - A Valentine's Day inspired cocktail recipe using Root Shoot Spirits Whiskey

We have the perfectly pink cocktail for that special someone in your life. This exclusive cocktail recipe with Root Shoots Spirits' American Single Malt whiskey (50% ABV) was developed specifically for Valentine's Day. This award winning whiskey incorporates 100% Colorado-grown and malted grain, sourced from the 5th generation family run Olander Farms and malted by the sustainability-minded craft maltsters.

Better Lovers cocktail using Root Shoot Spirits Whiskey
Better Lovers cocktail using Root Shoot Spirits Whiskey

Root Shoot Whiskey is delicious served neat, on the rocks or made into a perfect warming cocktail. This ‘Better Lovers’ cocktail has honey along with the woody chamomile that compliments the leather, vanilla and caramel notes in the whiskey. Hibiscus and cardamaro add an earthy, spicy sweetness on the back end, leaving you with a wonderful, savory open and bright, clean finish. Everything is held together by the creamy, fluffy mouthfeel brought in by the aquafaba - a beautiful slow sipper.

Pairs well while enjoying steak or poultry, or can accompany a dessert containing dark fruits, white or milk chocolate, and ice cream. Better Lovers Recipe:

Curated by Rosie’s Bartender Troy Sinatra (a Coloradan staple)

  • 1.50oz Root Shoot Whiskey

  • .50oz cardamaro

  • .50oz honey hibiscus syrup

  • .50oz rose water

  • chamomile

  • aquafaba

  • expressed lemon peel

  • chamomile garnish


Add Root Shoot Whiskey, cardamaro, honey syrup, rose water, chamomile and aquafaba into a shaker and combine. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with more chamomile and an expressed lemon peel. Enjoy!


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