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“Colorado Sunset Spritz” - A Colorado-focused cocktail recipe using local ingredients and Root Shoot Whiskey

Using Local Hive Honey based in Greeley, Colorado and Strongwater located in Denver, Colorado, this exclusive cocktail produces a captivating swirl of reddish-green tones, reminiscent of a lush rhubarb patch. With Root Shoot Whiskey as the focal point, the flavor is truly Colorado and all the components seamlessly blend together. This award winning whiskey incorporates 100% Colorado-grown and malted grain, sourced from the 5th generation family run Olander Farms and malted by the sustainability-minded craft maltsters.

Spiced Manhattan cocktail using Root Shoot Spirits Whiskey
“Colorado Sunset Spritz” - using local ingredients and Root Shoot Single Malt Whiskey

"Colorado Sunset Spritz" Cocktail Recipe:

Curated by Social’s Bar Manager, Nathan Robertson and Malachi Ceballos

  • Root Shoot Single Malt - 1.5 oz

  • 1:1 Local Hive honey simple syrup - .5 oz

  • 4-5 mint leaves

  • Strongwater orange bitters - 4 dashes

  • Fresh Lemon Juice - .75 oz

  • Giffard Rhubarb Liqueur - .75 oz

  • Strongwater Indian Tonic Water - 2 oz

  • Cranberry juice - 1 oz


It’s a spritz built (not shaken) in a white wine glass.

Add honey simple syrup and mint leaves first and lightly muddle mint with the back of a bar spoon.

Add the orange bitters, fresh lemon juice, rhubarb liqueur, and Root Shoot Whiskey.

Add five to seven largish cubes of ice, then add the tonic water and stir lightly.

Add the cranberry juice and garnish with an orange peel and the remaining mint leaves.



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